Platinum ions

What is "Platinum ions"?

Platinum ions are a new type of food hygiene in the future. Due to the stability and bactericidal capability of platinum ions, future applications in food hygiene will be as promising as a burgeoning star.

In the past we used silver ions to kill bacteria, but silver ions had two major disadvantages.

First, although silver ion itself has a very good bactericidal effect, it cannot kill fungi. And silver will oxidize which makes it less potent as time goes by.
Second, the use of silver ions in food processing and organic material processing will cause the material to change color. Even protein foods will become dark, changing the external appearance of the material.

Platinum ions, on the other hand, are special, being more than 100 times stronger than silver ions in bactericidal effects. Hence, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is much more economical to operate with platinum ions than silver ions. Further, platinum ions enjoy the advantages of stability and durability, as it is not as easily oxidized as silver ions, which in time becomes less potent. In terms of strength, it is much stronger than silver in killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi, being 100 times more powerful overall. As time goes by, there may be more discoveries and more applications. What we have learned so far is already unprecedented power.

Because platinum is tens of times more expensive than silver, and nano-grade platinum is very stable in combination, it does not show too many chemical properties. Basically it has no obvious bactericidal effect on human and in animal applications, while silver nano-materials and silverware has excellent bactericidal performance. However, the latter has little effect on fungi, which represent all the results we have gained experimentally. On the other hand, platinum has shown an amazing and excellent bactericidal ability in water-soluble materials in the ionic state, which has been unprecedentedly explored and applied by the scientific community. In recent years, we have, starting from doubt to experimentation, confirmed that in chelated platinum ions, the durability and sterilization ability are far more than a hundred times stronger than the ability of silver ions.

The reason is that platinum ions are not easily oxidized, yet more stable than silver ions. According to the theory of Material Electronic Phase, platinum ions have more electrical capability than silver ions so that more electric quantum energy is available for transfer. Hence, an environment is created in which platinum ion sterilizes faster and more efficiently than silver ion. Henceforth, major applications for future health and health products are envisaged.

This is a typical example that materials developed by Remy Technology (RT) can be applied to applications in many fields. RT envisages that there will be more breakthrough discoveries in science and technology in the future and that they will be adopted by manufacturers and related industries worldwide.


An explanation for the elimination of pathogenic virus by platinum ions

The characteristic of viruses is that they are smaller than ordinary bacteria, and the surface of virus particles has thorn-like or crown-like structures. Therefore, from the scientific standpoint of material electronic phase, the prominent thorn-like or crowned areas of the virus surface…can be looked upon as a self-protection or attack layer. Now let us use the term attack layer to account for its action !

Because the attack layer has the ability to discharge or transmit electricity, virus cells can easily invade human cells to reproduce and replicate themselves. When the invasion of a certain number of cells is accomplished, the cells will be broken and trigger the destruction of other cells, thereby destroying the function of human organs…leading to a cause of death.

Of course, the virus looks frightening, but after understanding its operating principles, it is not difficult to pinpoint and solve the problem. In finding the solution, we seek to adopt a safe and effective method to deal with the current coronavirus pneumonia problem.

We have been engaged in scientific research for many years and have acquired certain experience in sterilization and disinfection. In the past, silver ions enjoyed the reputation of killing pathogenic viruses in disinfection and sterilization. However, it was found that silver ions had little effect on fungi. Therefore, we began to look at material problems from different perspectives. Over the past ten years or so, we have gradually discovered that platinum ions in the multi-phase bridge chelated state have particularly strong bactericidal power. And the speed in killing viruses is remarkable. It is unlike silver ions’, whose effectiveness decreases after oxidation. On the other hand, platinum is extremely difficult to oxidize under normal conditions. In addition, bridge-chelated platinum ion is also very economical. Being inexpensive, it should be the best material for disinfection.

Among the precious metals: silver, gold, and platinum are all stable. Gold and platinum are more stable than silver. Therefore, in the application of jewellery for thousands of years, gold and platinum have been used as eternal ornaments because of their stability. Moreover, platinum is widely used as a catalyst in industry, because platinum is not easily oxidized.

Platinum is an excellent catalyst, with high conductivity. If it is used in ionization applications, it should be the best material for virus removal. Platinum itself does not have any reaction with the human body, so it is not absorbed, and is excreted from the human body via metabolism. Basically, the killing of virus by platinum works as follows. The minute virus makes it possible for ionized platinum to get close and touch the attack layer on the surface of the virus. As the attack layer can generate current and voltage to break open human cells, it makes itself vulnerable to destruction in the presence of platinum ions via short-circuiting, as follows. Once a virus encounters platinum ions, its attack layer becomes a current short circuit due to the good conductivity of platinum ions, and is destroyed like a short-circuited battery. This catalytic short-circuiting process remains effective until its excretion from the human body, with which the platinum has no reaction.

Test results of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre

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