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Alchemist was named from the ancient times for the scientists till now. Since ancient times, from the Stone Age (down through the Bronze and Iron Ages) to the alchemy period,

until the development of today’s steel alloy technology, which further evolved to ionized water-soluble liquid metal technology, humans have experienced over 10,000 years of scientific progress. In ancient times, these scientists were called alchemists, which literally means that they are experts or creators of science and technology. In China, they materialized as scholars and researchers based on Taoist natural sciences, and they were respectfully called Alchemists. The alchemist’s technological advances, in addition to the technological upgrading from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age such as bronze equipment and alloys, have been circulating to this day. The alchemists of the past not only made tools for everyday applications, but also developed medicine and alchemy. Alchemists were engaged in forging metals, medicine, and making pills.

Alchemist Evolution Limited

“Alchemist Evolution Limited“is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Remy Technology Group Ltd. responsible for researching the feasibility of applying Remy technology to products.

Today, Alchemist Evolution Limited has a group of modern alchemists from the Hong Kong technology team, currently using the world’s most advanced scientific technology, as well as the cutting-edge technology of ionized water-soluble metals. As the products are applicable to various fields, the technology enterprise is aptly Alchemist Evolution Limited .

We also register companies as trademarks in Hong Kong, China and overseas to create a brand name that uses application technology to bring health and happiness to living.


“行健樂” Products Series

The行健樂products are a series of health commodities produced by Alchemist Evolution Limited. The name implies health and happiness for everyone, and is adapted from the Book of Changes: As Heaven keeps on moving vigorously, so must a gentleman strive constantly for self-perfection, a most meaningful quote.

The 行健樂product series is developed mainly for daily use, helping people to become healthy and happy in all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

And the health product line of行健樂uses the latest material in the world: RTAPG Material

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