The iron ion APG health handband


The iron ion APG health handband

The iron ion APG health handband (can also serve as bracelet, ankle bracelet, headband, etc by connecting two or more pieces together) is a pioneer product developed by The Alchemist after many years of research. We found many years ago that the application of iron ions on graphene crystal lattice makes silica gel play a very good role in utilizing far-infrared rays. The reason is that graphene will amplify and strengthen the far-infrared effect of iron ions without adding extraneous far-infrared materials on the silica gel … so as to achieve economical, practical and a large price-performance effect.

In the past, people used graphene material for its far-infrared characteristics by adding it to far-infrared equipment, hoping to generate health and medical effects. Based on current medical criteria, it is necessary to achieve a far-infrared capability of 0.9 or above to reach an acceptable medical standard. This is because, at 0.9 or above, far infrared rays are efficacious on humans and probiotic. For example, in helping with blood circulation, keeping warm, reducing the formation of bamboo blood, increasing the oxygen exchange capacity of red blood cells, and so on, it plays a very important role in health care and medical treatment. When used in this way, it can also reduce the harmful effects of radiation and EMC wave. It can be said that it plays a certain role in helping and benefiting human health. This is especially true in the era of modern people’s application of electronic products, when almost everyone’s life is affected by electromagnetic waves (EMC) generated by radio.

On the iron ion APG material, good harmonic reduction is detected in the environment of 30 megahertz or above. In the harmonic range of 30 megahertz, it has reached more than 84%, and if it exceeds this frequency, it will continue to reduce the harmonic wave. In addition, in terms of far-infrared rays, the iron ion APG material can easily achieve a very amazing result of a far-infrared effect of 0.94 … and look forward to a higher level in the future. The above results have reached the requisite medical standard, and we believe that the silicone health handband made with iron ion APG will help people to achieve health and live healthily.

As mentioned previously, iron ions are embedded in the graphene lattice, and the far-infrared effect can be easily achieved on silica gel. If the silicone hand strap is worn on the human body, in time bacteria should accumulate. To eliminate this inconvenience, we add APG with excellent sterilization and antibacterial properties to the iron ion graphene; that is, platinum silver ion graphene is added to the silicone . This gives silicone a bactericidal and antibacterial ability without people worrying about unnecessary hygienic problems during application.

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