About Us

Alchemist Evolution Limited

Today, Alchemist Evolution Limited has a group of modern alchemists from the Hong Kong technology team, currently using the world’s most advanced scientific technology, as well as the cutting-edge technology of ionized water-soluble metals. As the products are applicable to various fields, the technology enterprise is aptly “Alchemist Evolution Limited“.

We also register companies as trademarks in Hong Kong, China and overseas to create a brand name that uses application technology to bring health and happiness to living.

RTAPG Material

RTAPG materials as developed by the RT consortium consist mainly of the following key elements:

1)  A: represents the chemical element Ag(Silver)
2)  P: represents the chemical element Pt(Platinum)
3)  G:represents the mineral Graphene


Silver is a well-known bactericidal material, whereas platinum is the world’s most powerful catalytic material, which effectively strengthens silver ion’s bactericidal effect. The presence of silver and platinum ions on graphene lattice harbor’s applications in which silver’s bactericidal effect is amplified.

Together with the added functions of far infrared and splitting into small water molecules in graphene, they help the human body towards absorption of water and nutrition.

Therefore,  once  RTAPG  materials  are  added  to  daily  necessities,  they  make  the  products  work  well  in sterilization and antibacterial situations, thereby giving us peace of mind.



The “行健樂” products are a series of health commodities produced by Alchemist Evolution Limited. The name implies health and happiness for everyone, and is adapted from the Book of Changes: “As Heaven keeps on moving vigorously, so must a gentleman strive constantly for self-perfection”, a most meaningful quote.

The “行健樂” product series is developed mainly for daily use, helping people to become healthy and happy in all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

And the health product line of “行健樂” uses the latest material in the world:

The iron ion APG health handband

The iron ion APG health handband (can also serve as bracelet, ankle bracelet, headband, etc by connecting two or more pieces together) is a pioneer product developed by The Alchemist after many years of research. We found many years ago that the application of iron ions on graphene crystal lattice makes silica gel play a very good role in utilizing far-infrared rays. The reason is that graphene will amplify and strengthen the far-infrared effect of iron ions without adding extraneous far-infrared materials on the silica gel … so as to achieve economical, practical and a large price-performance effect.